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It's a new era in the financial markets. Investors expect carefully considered recommendations from their advisers as well as straightforward rationale to back them up.

To help advisers serve this client need, Avyukta Earth Estate India Ltd. Funds has developed a Web-based tool called Portfolio Insight that allows advisers to analyze a client's mutual fund portfolio and provide transparency down to the individual security level. In just minutes, advisers can create personalized reports that help clients gain a deep understanding of their holdings and how they relate to a recommended course of action.

With Portfolio Insight, clients know what they own.

Using Portfolio Insight, advisers can:

  • Access Morningstar's database of more than 8,000 open-end mutual funds to examine virtually all of a client's fund holdings.
  • View a portfolio snapshot that includes overall asset mix,swiss replica watches fund allocation, and Morningstar style box coverage.
  • Evaluate performance data for each individual fund and the total portfolio.
  • Perform sector and style analyses for the entire portfolio, and identify any stock overlap among funds.
  • Help a client determine whether to rebalance, reposition, or hold steady.
  • Create customized reports that can include economic and portfolio manager commentary, a personalized note from the adviser, and other value-added resources.

During this continued period of economic and market uncertainty,replica watches Portfolio Insight can help advisers provide a level of confidence that inspires positive action.

For more information about Portfolio Insight, visit www.aeei.biz and select "Financial Professionals/Adviser Login."

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Login to your adviser account to access our new web-based Portfolio Insight tool. Please check with your home office to verify if this tool is approved at your firm.